VIDEO:  Dazzle on a Dime trainings model engaged teaching and learning!  The short clip above shows an actual training.  During a portion of the afternoon, each teacher chose a group to gain additional strategies for their classrooms.  You will see (in order) math, social studies, ELA, and finally, teachers enjoying a science experiment.

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As school accountability increases, funding decreases, and curriculum becomes more complex, it has become more and more challenging to provide teachers and students the tools for success. Larger class sizes, a shrinking budget, and an increasingly diverse student population challenges even the best schools.

DAZZLE ON A DIME is here to HELP! We have compiled the most effective, most
user-friendly strategies for educators to learn and implement in their classrooms immediately. We have over sixty years of combined experience and training with
special emphasis on teaching to depth and complexity.


Workshop Descriptions

We are available to customize a workshop to your needs. Contact Us to discuss details.


Workshop 1 - iDazzle Apps

Dazzle on a Dime is excited to provide training on our newly developed 45 iDazzle Apps. With federal initiatives such as RtI (Response to Intervention), increased clustering of gifted students in the classroom, and increasingly diverse student populations, we saw a great need to show teachers simple strategies to teach higher-level thinking to all students.  Teachers use each of these "Apps" to challenge the gifted in a classroom or pull-out program, as well as to teach thinking skills to all students.  We have developed this collection of 45 thinking activities for any teacher to correlate with specific objectives or thematic units.


We show examples of "Apps" from our newly created iDazzle Units.  "Apps" are both teacher-directed AND for independent student work.  We launched the units and lessons on our website and introduced them at our exhibit booth and training session at Texas Association of Gifted and Talented Conference, December 2011.  Teachers also create their own "Apps" that target difficult to master objectives and/or thematic units. Let us engaged you in simple ways to plan and teach creative thinking, critical thinking and problem-solving to all students in your classroom!


Workshop 2 - Real Time Instruction Pocket Portfolios

No time or money to provide QUALITY INSTRUCTION for mixed ability groups and disengaged learners?  Not a problem! We provide proven strategies for differentiation which will ignite a love for the learning process. Strategies will be at your fingertips to empower all learners in the classroom setting. Create a POCKET PORTFOLIO of research-based, real time strategies and gain an understanding and management of the challenges of RtI (Response to Intervention). In this training, you will practice each strategy while creating your own portfolio “in a bag”. Just pull a strategy and DAZZLE your students.


Workshop 3 - More Solutions to Enrich, Engage, and Empower

Participants will leave with more than 50 creative ideas and activities to implement immediately. Presenters model classroom techniques to enrich, engage, and empower learners. Participants have autonomy to adapt creative products for their specific student population and an abundance of solutions to address RtI will be utilized.


Workshop 4 - Math-Mania Modules

We will tailor the workshop modules and length of time to your school's needs. In this half-day or full-day training, K-8 teachers are provided personalized hands-on, interactive fun! From geometry to problem solving, our collaborative, brain based projects connect and deepen understanding of difficult math concepts.


Workshop 5 - More Engagement - Less Interuptions

Do you have difficult, disruptive, or disengaged students?  The techniques and methods offered in this training are certain to tame the noisy classroom and help the teacher talk less while teaching more.  Participants will explore the most important aspect of student engagement and focus on proven methods of classroom management and student behavior.  Watch your teachers  practice the art of facilitating eager learners the very next day.