Richard Paul's

Wheel of Reasoning


Dazzlin’ Details 

Why Richard Paul’s Wheel of Reasoning?  

Richard Paul’s Wheel of Reasoning is a thought provoking graphic organizer that includes eight elements of productive thinking.  It involves logical reasoning and combines both creative and critical thinking skills.  The process is to consider a problem or concept and move through each component in a meaningful way.  Students will practice making inferences, weighing evidence, recognizing different points of view, and other forms of logical reasoning as they work through the task.  Reasoning is a crucial skill for all learners.


Ways to Use in the Classroom

The Wheel of Reasoning is most often used at the secondary level.  All students at the intermediate level will find value in each component of the wheel but may have better success when working with its elements a few at a time.  Academically advanced students at the intermediate level find it to be challenging and beneficial. 




Dazzle-Ready Examples

Try these out in your classroom!


bullet-point.png Richard Paul’s Wheel of Reasoning

bullet-point.png Richard Paul’s Wheel of Reasoning Template