Dazzlin’ Details 

Why Foldables?  

Dinah Zike is best known for her 3-dimentional, interactive, graphic organizers called “foldables”.  They provide a kinesthetic component and act as a learning or study aid for any subject matter.  Research shows a significant increase in the students’ attitude toward a discipline when foldables are used as an instructional strategy. (Casteel, Narkawicz, 2007)  Students who are more actively engaged in the work are more likely to retain what they have learned.

Ways to Use in the Classroom

Foldables can be a fun way to organize information.  They can be used as individual activities or attached within a journal or spiral notebook.  Placing many foldables together into one area, such as a file folder, is a good option for units of study or related content.  There are several additional resources on foldables under the website tab of this site.  You will find them to be very helpful.