Depth and Complexity


Dazzlin’ Details 

Why Depth and Complexity?  

Sandra Kaplan coined the term “Depth and Complexity Icons”.  Through her work, eleven icons were created to represent elements that generate a deeper, more complex thought process. Students involved in the learning process - whether it is reading text, watching a film, or listening to a presentation - can apply elements of depth and complexity as they begin to assimilate new information, make connections, and dig deeper.


Ways to Use in the Classroom

Primary teachers might begin by introducing one or two of the icons and then add more as students progress through the process.  In the intermediate grades, the icons might be introduced five or six at a time. Some students may be expected to apply five icons to the learning process while gifted or advanced students might be expected to apply them all.  It may be helpful to model for the students how to take notes while watching a film or reading a text using the icons chart.


Dazzle-Ready Examples

Try these out in your classroom!


bullet-point.png Understanding Depth and Complexity

bullet-point.png Icon Slide Presentation

bullet-point.png Depth and Complexity Icon Chart

bullet-point.png Pictures of Icons