Strategies often used in the gifted program are now being used in classrooms with all students.  With curriculum, assessments, and life itself becoming more complex, a student needs tools to think critically and creatively.  The links below lead to an assortment of teaching and learning strategies with a brief description and examples for the classroom.  There are several you may not have seen before.  Try them out. . . you'll be amazed how the students respond! 


bullet.png Bloom's Revised bullet.png
bullet.png  Project-Based Learning
bullet.png Creativity bullet.png  Forced Analogies
bullet.png  Questioning Techniques
bullet.png Curriculum Compacting bullet.png Graffiti Boards bullet.png  RAFT
bullet.png Decision Making bullet.png Graphic Organizers
bullet.png  Richard Paul's Wheel of Reasoning
bullet.png Depth and Complexity
bullet.png  Habits of Mind bullet.png  RTI (Response to Intervention)
bullet.png Design Qualities (Schlechty)
bullet.png  Inquiry Learning
bullet.png  SCAMPER
Divergent and Convergent Thinking
bullet.png  Multiple Intelligences
bullet.png  Scholarly Behaviors
Edward DeBono's Six Thinking Hats
bullet.png  Problem-Based Learning
bullet.png  Three-Tiered Lessons
bullet.png Flexible Grouping
bullet.png  Problem Solving  bullet.png Universal Themes



bullet.png iDazzle Apps bullet.png
Games and Activities bullet.png  Technology bullet.png

Workshop Participants

Examples of materials used in our workshops can be found in this section.

bullet-point.pngIcons of iDazzle Apps
bullet-point.pngIcons of iDazzle Apps for Bulletin Board
bullet-point.pngForced Analogy Cards
        Forced Analogies in Math
        Forced Analogies Using Biology Terms

bullet-point.pngRAFT Journey Through the Digestive System
bullet-point.pngPrimary Example for RAFT
bullet-point.pngSecondary Example for RAFT(Aswan Dam)
bullet-point.pngNumber Zero RAFT Example
bullet-point.png"Fakebook" Page of Abe Lincoln

bullet-point.pngRecipe for 8 "P" Pie
bullet-point.pngMake a Cryptogram
bullet-point.pngVisual Anchor Cards
bullet-point.pngElections A - Z
bullet-point.pngMath Strategies
bullet-point.pngMobius Strips
bullet-point.pngPlay Golf (using negative numbers)
          Score Cards for Golf Game
bullet-point.pngVenn for Organization of Number Groups
          Labels and number cards for Venn
bullet-point.pngFlipable (Blank Template)
             Flipable II (Blank Template)
bullet-point.pngMath Measurement for Primary
             Down on the Farm - additional lapbook items
             Lapbook items on paper
             Lapbook items on cardstock
bullet-point.pngWinter Math Scoot
bullet-point.pngPart-Part-Whole Mat

bullet-point.pngMath and Science Powerpoint for Mabank