From the Front Porch





 Anticipation, enthusiasm, and confidence often come with the beginning of a new school year.  After the first month or so (when you realize the students have forgotten everything from last year and parent conferences offer no miraculous solutions) frustration begins to take hold.  Teaching is one of the most arduous careers - with never enough hours in the day to skillfully take on the mission of challenging students with divergent abilities, personalities, and interests in an oversized classroom.


We are a teacher-administrator team who developed a deep friendship from a 25 year history of sharing a passion for motivating, challenging, and engaging students.   How could we take our knowledge and experience with gifted education and make the content, process, and products applicable and feasible in the regular classroom?  We spent many nights sitting on the front porch (shown above) discussing the possibilities.  The problem-solving process emerged into a mission to help teachers grasp a deeper understanding of simple ways to involve all students in critical and creative thinking and - while doing so - save time, effort, and money.


There has never been a better opportunity for teachers to help one another than through access to the internet.  We believe this website will become a great mentor for you.

  • Websites:  After searching hundreds of websites, we have categorized links on the WEBSITE tab by subjects and areas of study.
  • Strategies/Methods: On our STRATEGIES / METHODS tab, we have expounded on thinking strategies, finding examples on the web and activities used in our own classrooms. 
  • Dazzle Depot: We have created innovative products and units of study which can be found on the DAZZLE DEPOT  tab. 
  • Workshops/Events:  Along with this website, our workshops put the DAZZLE in the classroom experience. 



Offer suggestions and ideas in the Contact Us button.  Together, we can make your teaching goals attainable and fullfilling.  We want to see you go from FRAZZLED to DAZZLED! 

Dazzle on a Dime is here to help you. 

 We look forward to more front porch chats.