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Dazzle on a Dime rescues teachers
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Co-founded by a teacher and administrator team, the
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engagement and depth and complexity.
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Professional Development 

 If you are interested in content-rich professional development for your staff please contact us.  We provide meaningful activities and information to engage and motivate the learner.

 Refer to the workshops/events tab for a description of our most popular trainings.  We can also design a training session to your specific needs.


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 Our latest math workshop is 
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Teachers Pay Teachers


We are in the process of moving all the products

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 Introducing iDazzle Apps

We are looking forward to introducing our iDazzle units soon in our Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  The term "iDazzle Apps" refer to units which are built around 45 creative and critical thinking skills.  They include interdisciplinary content-specific objectives which offer graphic organizers, folded paper organizers, collaborative group interaction, technology integration, and much more.  Each unit contains at least 20 teacher directed activities and at least 15 independent student apps. "Apps" are not technology based; however, each specific thinking skill has an icon which looks similar to an app on an iPhone.   




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